Staff Members

1. Asst.Prof.Anju lqubal

2. Asst.Prof. Nisha.A.V

3. Asst.Prof. Aswani Ashok

4. Santhoshkumar.H

5. Ratheesh Kumar

6. Bindhu.S.R

1. AIma.A

2. Soorya

3. Hiba Noushad

4. Pooja

5. Gouri Madhu


  1. Written and oral grievance will be properly heard.
  2. Review case as per Management policy
  3. Cell will report to higher authorities.

Procedure of lodging Complaint

  1. Written complaints
  2. Can be put in complaint box
  3. Thorough email which is provided in website.

NOTIFICATION As per AICTE guide lines it is decided to from a grievance redressel committee and members are follow.

1. Prof. Rajeev.S.K, Convener
2. Asst.Prof. Anju lqubal, Member
3. Asst.Prof Akhila M Haneef, Member
4. Asst.Prof.Dhanil D.0, Member
5. Asst.Prof.Soumya R Nair, Member

The Committee will review and conduct meeting twice in six months. It can from sub committees for hearing particular cases. All documents will be kept in record for
future reference.


1. Encouraging students to express their grievances/problems freely and fairly.
2. Suggestion/complaint box is installed in front of Administrative block .
3. Ragging is any from is strictly prohibited and violations will lead to disciplinary action.


1. Cell will receive complaints regarding academic matters
2. If any