Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation. An internship can be an excellent way to “try out” a certain career. For instance, you may think you want a fast-paced job in advertising after college, but after an internship, you may find that it’s not for you; that’s valuable insight that will help you choose your career path. In academic aspects internships also count towards course credit. Internships or training can also be done to gain activity points under KTU. This is dependent on college/department requirements, but usually, a three-month-long internship counts as a full course credit. KTU allows only maximum 20 points to be given for internships, so no matter how much internship you do, you will get only a maximum of 20 points.

Good companies offering Salaried / Paid internships usually have a lower chance to advertise their internship opportunities. So, it would be good to list the good companies and call their office or HR and ask about the internship opportunities. Mailing or messaging in social media usually won’t be enough. Sometimes, they may demand additional skills before you join the internship. This helps you to develop your skills too. Enquire about the internships before the commencement of the semester, If they require any specific skill, train yourself and prepare yourself for the internships.

The college has MoUs different companies/Institution like University Putra (Malaysia), Keltron (Trivandrum), FACE ( Trivandrum) etc for providing internship program to the students of this institution.