Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Younus College of Engineering and Technology, Kollam was started in the academic year 2005-2006. Our vision is to impart students with quality technical education, theoretical knowledge as per university syllabus, practical knowledge through industrial training and well equipped lab. The core areas of electrical engineering includes electrical and electronics networks and devices, electrical machines, control systems, digital electronics and circuit theory, power electronics, electrical energy generation and distribution microprocessor, electrical devices and control, electrical machine design, power semiconductor drives, electrical estimation and costing and an array of elective subjects such as Superconductivity, Biomedical and New & Renewable Sources of Energy.

In this college, our department is having an association namely “spIkes“, which is very active in training the students in various aspects of technical education .Our association is conducting an “INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTION INTERACTIVE CELL” for third year students which takes initiation in training students to various industries for training. We have a Research and Development Unit namely “bees” (Brain of Electrical Engineering Students), which is interested in developing real time projects for various industries. We are also conducting public seminars to make people aware about energy saving, tariff, transmission and distribution etc. Recently we are going to conduct a National Level Technical Conference on Emerging Technologies