Mechanical Engineering Workshop

The objective of this lab is

  • To acquire skills in basic engineering practice.
  • To identify the hand tools and instruments.
  • To acquire measuring skills.
  • To acquire practical skills in the trades.
  • To provides the knowledge of job materials in various shops.
  • To provides the knowledge of core technical subjects for making and working of any type of project.

Students will be able to analyze the material on the basis of their properties and thus assigning different weight age to their use for technical purposes.

Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab

The objective of this lab is

  • To introduce students, the fundamental concepts related to the mechanics of fluids.
  • To understand the basic principles of fluid machines and devices.
  • To apply acquired knowledge on real life problems.
  • To analyze existing fluid systems and design new fluid systems.

Manufacturing Technology Lab

  • To practice on machine tools and identify, manipulate and control various process parameters during machining processes in manufacturing industry.
  • To practice arc and gas welding technologies.
  • To gain knowledge on the structure, properties, treatment, testing and applications of Steel, Cast Iron and Brass.
  • To provide programming practice on CNC machine tools
  • To impart knowledge on the fundamental concepts and principles of metrology

Computer Aided Design & Analysis Lab

  • To introduce students to the basics and standards of engineering drawing related to machines and components.
  • To teach students technical skills regarding assembly, production and part drawings.
  • To help students gain knowledge about standard CAD packages on modeling and drafting.
  • To provide working knowledge on Computer Aided Design methods and procedures
  • To impart training on solid modeling software
  • To impart training on finite element analysis software

IC EnginesĀ  Lab

  • To study the various types IC engines and their parts.
  • To conduct the performance test on IC engines, compressors and blowers.
  • To familiarize equipment used for measuring viscosity, flash and fire point and Calorific value of petroleum products.

Thermal Engineering Lab

To conduct the various heat transfer experiments.

  • To conduct the performance test on compressors and blowers.
  • To study the working and experiments of air conditioning systems.
  • To study the working and experiments on different heat exchangers.

Metrology Lab

  • The Metrology and instrumentation Laboratory course is designed for measuring and gauging instruments for inspection of precision linear, geometric forms, angular and surface finish measurements.
  • The student can learn the measurements with and calibration of instruments. They also understand the machine tool alignment test.
  • This introduces the students with the theory and methods for conducting experimental work in the laboratory and calibration of various instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, displacement, speed, vibration etc.