Network Lab

The lab offers an integrated educational process in the field of information and communication technologies emphasizing the issue of computer networks, their design, administration and management. In the lab premises specialized teaching of computer networks and Ip configuration occurs. The lab is built in cooperation with Cisco Routers.Preparation of students for internationally recognized certification tests CCNA and CCNP can be done.

Python & Machine Learning Lab
. Machine learning is a way of programming that gives computers “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” In particular, it is a way to program computers to extract meaningful patterns from examples, and to use those patterns to make decisions or predictions.The demand for python in industry has grown so quickly, since it is the versatile – easy language ever encounterd. In this lab we try to combine ml and python to build learning programs.

Application Software Development Lab
This lab focuses on the basic commands and operations on database .It introduces stored programming concepts (PL-SQL) using Cursors and Triggers also familiarize front end tools of database. Students can also Practice various front-end tools and report generation. They are familiarized to creating Forms, Menus and to link to Oracle/ MySQL using Database connectivity. Finally students could do a mini project of their own.

Free And Open Source Software Lab
Many of today’s Internet functions are almost completely based on free and open source software, functions such as e-mail and the translation of computer names to IP addresses, i.e DNS. More than 65% of all web servers on the Internet are based on open source software. This lab enables the students to work on linux, learn its commands,directory structure, shell scripting and advanced commamds of linux.They could also run simple PHP programs. The student can practice installing the latest version or prime versions of samba and can learn sharing files to windows.
Microprocessor/Microcontroller Lab
This lab deals with 8086 microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller experimental set-up to perform various experiments. The lab offers performing & interfacing facilities to control peripherals like stepper motor, traffic lights controller, and temperature controller. ADC, DAC and interfacing cards are provided such as 8251, 8253, 8255, 8257, 8279 and 8155. The kits and cards available in this lab are: 8085 microprocessor kits, 8086 advanced microprocessor kits with LCD display, 8081 microcontroller.