Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab


A good place to start about Electronics. This lab tends to provide the entry of students into the world of electronics. The immense experience and knowledge possessed by all staff enrich the students the depth of electronics. The specialty of this lab is they not only provide a vital source of learning but also let their students to experiment with various equipment and components with their guidance. This brings out the curiosity of students to explore and learn more other than only sticking to the subject alone. This lab is intended for the beginners for testing and practicing their theoretical knowledge by designing.

Digital Integrated Circuits Lab

The objective of this lab is to perform rigorous experiments to consolidate basic knowledge in digital electronics. Experiments include Design, construction, testing, and evaluation of digital systems. Implementation of combinational as well as sequential circuits is carried out in lab practice. Students get an opportunity to have hands on experience in learning logic circuits using digital ICs. The lab is equipped with Digital trainer kits, Logic probes, CROs and Power supplies.







Communication Engineering Lab

This lab deals with the study of analog and digital communication systems. Experiments based on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, double side band modulation, single side band modulation are performed. Various parameters of receiver like sensitivity, selectivity & fidelity are tested. Experiments of PAM, PWM, PPM, PCM, Delta modulation & adaptive delta modulation are performed. Advanced digital common training boards are available for performing experiments based on digital modulation techniques ASK, PSK & FSK and their demodulation using Parity Generator, Error Detection & Correction.

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

This lab provides the practical knowledge on Operational Amplifier applications like arithmetic circuits, filters and oscillators also provides knowledge on IC555 timer and IC723. This lab helps the students to Build the basic applications of op-amp, VCO and PLL, Design filters, Oscillators and DAC using IC 741 Op-Amp, Implement multivibrators and Voltage Regulators using ICs.

Microprocessor/Microcontroller Lab

This lab deals with 8085 microprocessor, 8086 microprocessor and 8051 microcontroller experimental set-up to perform various experiments. The lab offers performing & interfacing facilities to control peripherals like stepper motor, traffic lights controller, and temperature controller.  ADC, DAC and interfacing cards are provided such as 8251, 8253, 8255, 8257, 8279 and 8155. The kits and cards available in this lab are: 8085 microprocessor kits, 8086 advanced microprocessor kits with LCD display, 8081 microcontroller.

VLSI Design Lab

The VLSI laboratory is well equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA tools and hardware resources like Xilinx 12.1, Tanner EDA tool, Synopsys EDA tool, Spartan3 FPGA and ARM Processor Kit. The laboratory provides hands-on experience to students in the field of analog and digital circuit design to conduct world class research. The laboratory is designed to expose the students to a set of tools for CMOS design, starting with SPICE circuit simulation and leading to physical layout, design rule checking, and extracted circuit simulation. Students gain knowledge in using EDA tools to design, simulate, and verify schematics and layout of logic gates. It also serves to facilitate design and implementation of digital design on FPGA.

Electronic Product Lab

The Electronic Product Design & Fabrication lab is intended for project design and fabrication of Electronic products. Students are fabricating working models. Design, PCB layout, soldering, packaging and testing of Electronic products are carried out in this lab. The facilities include soldering stations, PCB layout and design softwares like ORCAD, PSPICE.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Experiments based on the verification of basic and advanced DSP are done in this lab. Advanced DSP starter kits are available for performing the experiments, along with the simulation using MATLAB and its various toolboxes.
The following tools are available in this lab: Signal processing toolbox, Communications toolbox, Filter design and analysis tool, Window visualization tool, Filter visualization tool, DSP starter kits- TMS320C713, Code Composer Studio 2.21

Microwave & Optical Communication Lab

This lab is offered to students and concentrates on introducing the advances in communications. This lab is well equipped with all the microwave devices. Lab deals with the measurements of the signals at micro frequency range. It involves measurement of frequency, wave length, VSWR, Impedance and scattering parameters of various micro wave devices like Circulator, Direction Coupler, and Magic-Tee. Even the latest trend of communication technology including fiber optics is also introduced and propagation conditions will be verified by evaluating the losses.